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Jona Tanguay, MMSc, PA-C, AAHIVS [pronunciation yo - NAH  TANG - ghee] (They/them/theirs) is a board-certified PA and HIV Specialist practicing in primary care at Whitman-Walker Health. They are the Medical Program Lead for Substance Use Disorders at Whitman-Walker, working to evolve and expand medical and harm reduction services provided to people who use drugs. Jona is a Clinical Instructor at the Yale School of Medicine, and is a board member and current Vice President for Education at GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ+ Equality, the world's largest and oldest association of LGBTQ+ healthcare professionals. Jona is a graduate of the Physician Associate Program at Yale School of Medicine, where they sat on the Dean’s Advisory Council for LGBTQI+ affairs. Their research and educational advocacy focus on harm reduction and evidence-based therapies for people who participate in Chemsex. They are the founder of ChemsexHarmReduction.org, an educational resource for providers and people who participate in Chemsex. Jona has a passion for event planning as well as community advocacy and engagement. Previously, they shared their expertise with AIDS Project and the LBGT PA Caucus, and sat on the executive board of the Brigham & Women’s Hospital LGBT+ Employee Resource Group.

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