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Substances | Amyl Nitrates

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Poppers, Rush, Video Tape cleaner, Leather Cleaner


Depressant, Vasodilator

Mechanism of action

Exact mechanism is not fully elucidated, but vasodilation is likely mediated by nitric oxide [1]

Medical use

Precursor to modern nitroglycerin, decreases blood pressure while increasing heart rate and cardiac output.

Administration routes

Inhaled only



Fast onset and short duration “high,” feelings of warmth and euphoria/pleasure, increases physical sensation, relaxes anal sphincter

Safety Strategies

Understand the Sexual Importance of Poppers and Inherent Heterosexism in Anti-Popper Campaigns

Coming soon.. [2]

Risk for Serious Side Effects if Combined with Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors (Sildenafil/Viagra)

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Close Your Eyes

Coming soon.. [3]

Avoid Skin Contact, and Ingestion

Coming soon.. [3]

Immune Related Concerns Negligible

Coming soon.. [4]

Citations & Reading

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